Beth Sobel: Creator Spotlight

Beth Sobel is behind some of the most beautiful art in board gaming today. Her work has been featured in a variety of fantastic games, and you can be sure that seeing her name associated with a game is a sure-fire way to have me give it a closer look. A couple of notable titles well worth checking out include Lanterns: the Harvest Festival and World’s Fair 1893, both from Foxtrot Games.

Her website portfolio also features a number of personal pieces, including a number of portraits that demonstrate her ability to capture character, as each image seems to hint at untold stories. Many of these pieces are available as prints through Beth’s INPRNT storefront if you’d like to surround yourself with beauty, and having purchased work from INPRNT in the past, I can attest to their high print quality.


In addition to being an incredibly talented artist, Beth is also a tremendous member of the online gaming community. Following Beth on Twitter not only means occasional glimpses of paintings both personal and professional, but also brings with it access to one of the friendliest, most inclusive people you’ll find online. She’s incredibly generous, for example she has on occasional made available the files for her personal reskins of some projects to those who express interest (including myself). And once, after she offered to send me a few buttons despite my never having met her, I received a beautiful package containing a ton of buttons to share with others and a gorgeous postcard. Her kindness and empathy make her an inspiring influence, making many of those who interact with her better by association.


Wanna learn more & support Beth?


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