November Wizarding World Crate – Welcome

The Wizarding World crate is a bi-monthly crate featuring Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts related items. When you sign up, they ask you to select a Hogwarts house along with giving your shirt size, so presumably sometimes there will be house-specific items included.

The theme for the first crate was “welcome” and everything about the presentation was well-done. The crate was sealed with a “muggle worthy” lock sticker and inside had a neat graphic design. Instead of a booklet for the theme, as you find in the regular Loot Crate, there was a box containing a scroll that detailed the items found within the crate.


The first thing visible upon opening the crate was a t-shirt from Fantastic Beasts. It features the front page of The New York Ghost and the design has a ton of interesting snippets of articles and ads throughout. I’ve been trying to get away from black shirts, especially with so much pet hair in the house, but this one is way too nice for me to pass up.


The next two items featured Harry & Ron’s owl familiars from the Harry Potter novels. They were a plush Pigwidgeon and a (heavy) Hedwig keychain featuring a Hogwarts letter. The stuffed owl is really cute, but oh my god, my dog (Deefer) wanted it so badly from the minute I pulled it out that we were treated to her crying for it constantly. Even after I closed the crate back up, she was still whining at the box! So poor Pigwidgeon will have to live on a high shelf out of reach of the terrier-mix’s jaws.


The remaining three items returned to the world of Fantastic Beasts and to the Magical Congress of the USA. First up was a Pop figure of a niffler. Apparently there were various options for the figure contained in each crate, but I’m pretty happy with this cute little treasure hunter and his coins.


Then I pulled out an enamel pin featuring a Bowtruckle peeking out of Newt’s pocket. The pin is really nice with vibrant colours and will look really good on my game bag (I’m starting to run out of pin space on that thing!).


The final item was a MACUSA faux-leather notebook with a gorgeous map, I mean “Real-time Hex Indicator”, on the last few pages. I’m a huge notebook person, and this one is really nicely made with a metallic crest on the front enhanced by embossed details.


Overall I’m super happy with the crate and that’s despite the fact that I haven’t actually seen the new movie yet. The keychain isn’t practical at all given how large it is, but it looks really cool so I’ll likely use it on a less-used key (like the spare keys we have to others homes for pet-sitting). I’m definitely keeping the sub and am really looking forward to seeing how this series of crates continues.



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