SeaFall – Prologue

On Friday night, we started a 5-player SeaFall campaign. Burke had picked up the game at the marathon and put out the word to our Pathfinder group, and we all leapt at the chance to try out the latest legacy game from Rob Daviau & PlaidHat Games. I’ve heard the game compared to Merchants & Marauders, which I really enjoy, so I was curious to see how the game would play out.

We only had time to play the (tutorial) Prologue once we’d finished our pizza & teaching, especially as the first few turns went slowly with repeated explanations and referencing of the rules as we got used to the system. After that, things picked up and turns started to fly by. I can’t share anything spoilery (yes, even the prologue brought at least one important story detail into play), but we all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves both playing the game, and just naming advisors and locations during downtime. Even Eric enjoyed himself despite having a ship sunk during his very first turn, and that’s saying something. As the game makes replacing a lost vessel cost time rather than resources, you don’t lose anything in a ship’s sinking that would be needed to recover from it. By doing so, it helps keep everyone in the game even after disaster strikes in the form of a failed endeavour; obviously, I can’t speak for how things will play out in future sessions, but for now it feels recoverable. By the time Burke reached the final milestone and ended the prologue, we were fairly closely clustered on the glory track. It was disappointing that we didn’t have time to move onto the first “real” game, but we’re all set up for our next sesssion and raring to get back into exploring the Western seas.


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