November Challenge – Update 2

We’re now over halfway through the month and I’m realizing my list of projects for the month was pretty ambitious given that the month included both the 24-hr marathon and hosting Thanksgiving for Kit’s whole family. So I will likely be putting off some of the more creative (fun) projects, like the Mysterium screen, until after the holiday, as I want to be able to give them my full attention.


After the marathon, I had new games to try to fit onto my shelves. And then it happened, 2 orders placed months ago at CoolStuffInc both arrived at once, as apparently the last remaining pre-orders arrived together. So now I had even more new games to add to the shelves. So far there’s a stack chilling on the game table so obviously that needs to be fixed. Plus, it turns out that Mechs vs. Minions doesn’t fit into any of my shelves so I may look into building a shelving unit specifically designed for my large box games like MvM, the Tokaido CE, The Gallerist, etc.

To help make room for the new acquisitions that would fit my storage, I started figuring out games to go. These were split into two categories: new games to save for RUTHCon prizes, and opened games to sell or trade, including quite a few that are punched but unplayed. There were a few games from my TBGT flea market list that didn’t sell and that online friends had expressed interest in, so I started getting in touch with them to see if they still wanted them. Once I get through that list, I may consider a BGG or Twitter-based sale to move others out.

I also continued working on an Excel inventory of my games to help me keep better track of what I have, and where it came from. I’m using this document not just to have an up-to-date list of my games, but also as a way to also track games for trade and games that remain unplayed for too long.


I have been continuing to paint miniatures fairly regularly, and Kit’s been working on them too. I got the main bosses and villians from AQ: Beyond the Grave completed which means that we just have the last few zombies & necromancers to do. After that, we’ll move on to priming the heroes for paint.

I do want to figure out a Mansions of Madness storage solution to protect the minis, so I may start that next. I’ll just need to grab some more foam core from the store while running errands tomorrow since I usually design inserts buy just starting to make the damn thing and seeing what happens.


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