November Challenge – Update


I invited a bunch of people over to play games over the weekend which meant that I had to, at the very least, move the games chilling on top of the game table. Since I was moving some games around anyway, I figured I might as well start reorganizing a bit. After all, I needed to put A Feast for Odin next to the other Rosenbergs, and since a LOT of the games I’ve recently acquired have come in huge boxes, I needed to figure out a designated storage space for the big guys that didn’t involve using them as stands for my Lego builds.

I also went ahead and added a matte finish coat to the already-painted Arcadia Quest miniatures for additional protection before placing them back into my display cabinet in order to clear up gaming space on our kitchen table. To that end, I also moved my painting supplies onto a different table so that my friends don’t have to play games around my mini-painting debris. The AQ models that are primed but not yet painted, I placed on our kitchen’s bar-height counter in the hopes of providing a visual reminder to paint on my days off.


A few days ago, I ordered a laser cut board for Codenames, mainly because I’m that annoying person who keeps straightening the cards throughout the game whenever we play. I figured that it’s a game likely to see a lot of play over the holiday season, so getting a board to keep everything aligned and to ease set-up was definitely worth it. I was originally going to make one myself, but this model from Highbridge Brewing does everything I want, disassembles into four pieces that can fit within the box, & has a price comparable with what I would spend in time & materials figuring out a DIY version. It also has a more streamlined look than others I’ve seen, so shouldn’t take up much more space on a table than the cards would by themselves. It of course won’t work for Codenames: Pictures (which I don’t have yet), but when I inevitably purchase that game, I might consider making a board for it to see just what I’m able to produce.


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