November Challenge – Organization and Accentuation

This month I’m planning a challenge for myself that’s partly about function and partly about beauty. I want to focus on improving the organization involved with both my games and comics on one hand, but also spend part of the month accentuating my favourite games through custom bits & accessories.

Organization Goals

To improve organization I have a few things I’m focusing on. In the comics realm, I store my single issues in magazine files. I want to get the rest of my comics into matching wooden files, and continue the process of attaching copies of the comics pages to the outside of each file to distinguish the series within.

For my game collection, I want to start my reorganizing my games between the various shelving units I’m using, in order to better group like games and, hopefully, get rid of the games currently stacked in corners of the game room (and covering my game table).

In addition, I want to purge – I know there are still games on my shelves that just won’t ever get played, and despite my irritation with shipping, it’s time to move past that and get them moved out. So I’ll be sorting games to list for sale or trade, and trying to find some new homes. There are some that various online friends expressed interest in, so I’ll be reaching out to them first to see if they still want them. After that, I may consider a BGG auction or Twitter sale.


Accentuation Goals

Now for the fun stuff. I also want to make my collection prettier. So I’m going to be dedicating some time to building some more custom inserts, continuing to paint miniatures from Arcadia Quest, and working on a couple of crafty projects involving game accessories. In particular, I want to finally finish my custom Eldritch Horror case and then build a custom ghost screen for my Polish edition of Mysterium. I may also look into purchasing or making upgraded bits or other accessories for some of my games while I’m at it.



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