Collection Update – October 2016

As I said in my introduction to my list of outstanding game orders, I have resolved to not buy any games for the rest of 2016. The acquisitions below were made prior to this vow, or were the result of previous pre-orders. Unfortunately there weren’t any games that left the collection this month, so my shelves are getting fuller and fuller.



  • A Feast for Odin – Miniature Market
  • Lotus – Atomic Empire
  • Mechs vs. Minions – Riot Games
  • Vanuatu, second edition – Kickstarter


  • Painting supplies – Atomic Empire
  • Pathfinder Adventure Card Game insert – Broken Token
  • Polyhedral dice (for Kit) – Barnes & Noble



  • Ahead in the Clouds – backed on Kickstarter
  • Spires – backed on Kickstarter
  • Unreal Estate – backed on Kickstarter


Nothing so far



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