October Painting Challenge Update – Arcadia Quest

My approach to the Arcadia Quest miniatures is to start with the monsters and only start on heroes if I have time leftover. Which given that I’ve decided to start working on a somewhat complicated Halloween costume, is unlikely to happen this month. But I had initially planned to focus on the bad guys only, so I’m not feeling too upset about this.

The first thing I needed to do was prep and prime the models. I figured I’d go ahead and get them all taken care of in one morning, so first up I chucked all of the monsters minis into a big bowl of warm, soapy water and then, one by one, gave them a good scrub with a toothbrush to get rid of any oils from handling or mold release residue. I then rinsed them thoroughly and set them on paper towels to dry. Once dry, it was time to spray them all. I’m using a white spray primer so I attached them in batches to scrap cardboard and then gave them two coats in a makeshift spray booth, being careful not to get primer all over Kit’s workshop. The minis actually look really good once primed, as all the little details and textures really popped.

When it came to painting, I decided to start with the monsters that have multiple copies in the game, and batch them to keep the paint jobs as consistent as possible. First up were the ghosts which come in both a male and female sculpt. I was working off of the cards to help keep everything matching, but of course the cards only showed the female version; luckily the campaign book happened to have a male ghost on one page that I could reference. I started with the girls – first I base coated the models, then decided I didn’t llike the purple I’d mixed so re-basecoated the clothing areas. After that, I hit then with a blue shade before highlighting up the face and hair and painting in small details like the necklace and eyes. The male ghosts went much faster, as I’d already figured out the process and colour palette while completing the female ghosts.

Once all four ghosts were complete, I moved onto the pair of Slasher Zombies. These guys were a little more difficult to base coat thanks to their billowing cloaks, blocking access to the back of the figure and the centre of the base. For shading, I used multiple colours: green on the skin, crimson over the bulk of the figure, and a black shade on the zombies blade and for the dagger lodged in his skull. After shading, I highlighted up the skin and then painted the teeth, eyes, and blood drops to finish the models.



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