October Painting Challenge Update – Non-gaming Projects

I mentioned in my latest October challenge update that my progress on miniatures has been hindered by some non-gaming painting projects. My husband Kit’s major hobby is woodworking, and his work is pretty impressive I have to say. Friends and family have been adding kids to the mix recently and so we’ve had 2 baby projects to work on this month. He builds, I paint and the end results usually turn out pretty well.

First up was a toybox for our newest nephew Rowan. The base toybox is actually the same as one we made for our other nephews last Christmas, and is from plans sold by The Wood Whisperer last year to benefit the Jessie Rees Foundation as part of his yearly Woodworkers Fighting Cancer event. The toybox features curved details, a hinged lid, and build in book storage on both ends.

Rowan’s nursery is decorated with maps and travel-related items, so I wanted to stick with that theme. I bought a map to insert into the lid, and was able to use the offcuts to finish off both ends. The front I based off of airmail envelopes, adding a some stamps, one of which was personalized. The stamps were printed and mod-podged on to ensure the designs were crisp. It turned out really nice and should fit into his room pretty nicely.

The second project is also one of the Wood Whisperer’s charity builds, his newly-released 2016 plans for a castle bookcase complete with working drawbridge. Given that our friends Scott & Linsey had multiple baby showers themed around people giving them books, they were in need of somewhere to put them all & so this seemed like a perfect gift.

The example paint job shown by the Wood Whisperer was a lot darker than I wanted to go for out bookcase, so I decided to go with a paler stone-grey for the base colour and then follow that up with mainly dark grey details to add interest.

My favourite details on the finished project involve cats – Scott & Linsey have had multiple Javanese cats, and it’s because of them that I even learned of the breed so I wanted to add a nod to their pets. I decided to paint banners on each side with an emblem based on their pets. I also painted a small cat silhouette inside the castle while I was at it.


With the drawbridge installed, I’m really proud of how this one turned out. It may have put me behind on the minis, but I can absolutely say it was worth it.


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