Kickstarter Notes

I’ve returned to browsing Kickstarter on occasion & a few projects have caught my attention. I’m not backing all of the following, but they were intriguing enough for me to want to share them.

Projects are arranged so that those closest to ending are at the top of the list.

Unreal Estate – A Fantasy Cityscape Card Game (ends Oct 21st)

Gorgeous art and intriguing game play caught my attention when looking at this 20 minute, 2-4 player, set-collection & drafting  game from Jason Slingerland and Grand Gamers Guild. Full of tough decisions on whether to draft one more card for that great set you’re building, or let the card sit out in the hopes it gets discarded & opens up better scoring opportunity, the game features hand management & stresses watching your opponents to make sure they don’t get in your way. A bunch of extra cards have been added via stretch goals and there’s hopefully some more to come as the game enters the final stretch of it’s campaign.  With just a few days left to back, if it sounds interesting check it out NOW!


Lazer Ryderz! The Totally Rad Tabletop Racing Game! (ends Nov 4th)

The design of this game is worth a look if nothing else – this extremely-80s tron-like racing game is packaged to look like a boxed VHS set, with each players pieces in it’s own “video tape” shaped container. It’s a race game played without a board or track, instead players lay down their lazer track as they move, being careful not to slam straight into another player’s track as they attempt to be the first to capture 3 prisms. It’s like nothing I’ve ever played, and everything about it just screams FUN.


The Veeptopus Book: 48 Vice Presidents & Octopuses (ends Nov 9th)

It’s portraits of 48 US Vice Presidents by Jonathan Crow, each with an octopus on his head, and accompanied by stories about them … what more could you want? It’s so bizarre and niche that I love it, and the art is really good. The final book and poster will also include the VP resulting from this year’s election, making it the most up to date VP with octopus art you’ll find anywhere.


Villains Need Love – Art Book (ends Nov 9th)

This art book from Nacho Diaz features tiny villains from an array of pop culture, all being mercilessly hugged by their antagonists. The art is adorable, and rewards include the titular book, prints, and stickers of the over 50 villains.


Spires – a card game for 1-4 players (ends Nov 15th)

I actually played a prototype of the game that would become Spires at UnPub 6 and thoroughly enjoyed it, despite being trounced. TC Petty III’s latest design features trick-taking where winning a trick isn’t always in your best interests, especially if when losing you throw in a card that your opponent really doesn’t want to take. The art is gorgeous, the game is quick & easy to pick up, and you’d be a fool not to at least check it out.



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