September Comics – Another Update

So the month of September continues, and with it, my goal of catching up on comics. Except between TBGT, work, and reading a non-comic work in my free time (oops), I had barely made progress since my last update. Luckily I was able to find time this weekend to sit down and read, so here’s what got checked off of the list.

One of the most daunting sections of my backlog was the combination of Star Wars and Darth Vader. I hadn’t read either series in a long time, and during that period they had a 6-issue event that spanned both books, Vader Down. I finally got caught up, first reading Darth Vader up to the crossover point, then doing the same for Star Wars. After that, I read the event books, and the annuals for both series, before catching up on the rest of each. I enjoy both books & the fact that the stories take place concurrently makes them enjoyable to read together, but in particular, I really enjoy Darth Vader. The backstabbing and betrayal as various characters vie for the Emperor’s approval is handled really well; you know every character will betray Vader at some point, so it’s just a matter of when and how. And when, as happened once, a character doesn’t betray him, that’s an almost startling twist. The art is great, the pacing and dialogue are smart and witty, and the book has murder droids – what more could you ask for? Multiple volumes have already been released, but start with the first trade here because you won’t want to skip any of it.


After catching up on these titles, I stuck in the same universe and read the Chewbacca mini-series. It came out a while ago, but I wasn’t letting myself read it before making progress on on-going books. I decided I’d progressed enough at this point to treat myself, and I’m so glad I did. The mini-series takes place shortly after the Death Star has been destroyed, with Chewbacca taking a personal side mission. While on his trip, he crashes on Andelm-4 and meets Zarro, a young girl who has escaped from slavery in the mines. She persuades him to help her try and save her father and the rest of the slaves, which leads to plenty of excitement, especially once the Imperials get involved. It’s a short but fun story, especially since nobody speaks Wookie and so Chewbacca’s words are never translated despite his being the titular character. The art is also gorgeous, hardly a surprise given that it’s from Phil Noto. It’s worth a read, and you can grab the trade on Amazon.


I also caught up on the following books:

  • Black Panther
  • Poe Dameron
  • Rat Queens


As for the contraband, non-comic reading, you can blame my tech Megan who brought this tempting lovely into work since she figured I’d want to borrow it:

Yup, I couldn’t resist stepping back into a world of witchcraft and wizardry. But I’m finished with the script and so here’s hoping I can make some more comics-reading progress before the month ends.


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