Loot Crate – September Review

I was really happy with last month’s Antihero crate but was apprehensive when they announced the theme and franchises for September. I’d actually considered putting a hold on it and skipping the month, but in the end, decided to let it ride. So was that a mistake? Or was the Speed crate worth getting?

***WARNING: The post below contains nothing but spoilers for the September Loot Crate***


The Shirt & Pin

This month’s shirt calls back to Stark Motor Racing as seen in Iron Man 2. The cut is really nice – longer length and well shaped – and the design is very graphic and striking. Plus I grew up obsessed with Formula One thanks to my dad, so this one’s a win for me.

This month’s pin has to be a winner, since it features both a pun and links to a free download of issues 1-4 of Image Comics, Velocity. I’m never one to say no to a free comic, especially one I haven’t found yet that features a female lead, so I’m happy with it. I’ve already downloaded the issues on my Comixology account, so one I get through the rest of my backlog, they’ll be waiting.

The Rest

The next thing I pulled out of the crate was this Batwing keychain. It’s rather hefty, being metal and not tiny (see image below) and it’s also rather spiky in places. I won’t be putting it on my regular keys, but it may well show up on one of the various sets of keys we have to other people’s homes (for pet-sitting! I promise I don’t stealthily make copies of everyone’s keys).

The Batwing wasn’t too exciting, but it was definitely better than the next item – an Arrow car hood ornament. I’m neither a DC comics nor tv show fan, and the character does nothing for me. This one’s will likely go on the freebie pile for anyone who wants it.

Hot on the heels of Arrow came a replica of Eleanor from Gone in 60 Seconds. I haven’t seen the Nicholas Cage recap or the original, and while I know of the cars significance, it therefore has no real value to me. It’s a nice model for a fan, but I won’t be keeping it.

The next item, however, brought with it some redemption for the Speed crate. This replica of Scar, the infamous Cylon Raider felt rather fitting after I won Battlestar Galactica this past weekend as a Cylon, and the model is really nice. I’ll be keeping this toaster around.

Was it Worth It?

So that was September’s Speed crate. In the end, the shirt, pin download, and Scar model were winners, the Batwing keychain was decent, and the last couple of items I could have done without. For a crate I was worried about not liking any of the contents, that’s a pretty good result but it certainly wasn’t even have as interesting as last month’s haul.


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