ArtsCow Bags (plus Coupon Code)

While at FeldCon I was impressed by Jason’s copies of Castles of Burgundy & Trajan which used custom printed bags to hold tiles for randomization. He told me he got them through ArtsCow and that there were periodic deals. I then promptly forgot all about them.

Fast-forward a few weeks and I was browsing Twitter when I saw ArtsCow bags mentioned once more, along with mention that the deal was in effect. I went to the linked geeklist on good old BGG and soon had ordered my own set of 10 assorted bags. They arrived while I was at TBGT and have now been squirreled away into their respective games.


The Bags

The 10 bags I ended up ordering consisted of:

  • 3 bags for Bora Bora to hold & randomize man, woman, and task tiles
  • 4 bags for Trajan for forum, extra action, demand, and bonus tiles
  • 2 bags for Eldritch Horror that will hold monsters and clues
  • 1 bag to hold element disks for Dominant Species

The bags destined for Eldritch Horror have thematically-appropriate designs, while the others all show images of their respective tile type on the outside to aid with set-up & organization.

The quality seems great, especially when the price is taken into account. A few loose threads stick out from one bag, but they’re otherwise pristine. The fabric & stitching seems sturdy enough, though as I haven’t played a game with any of them, I can’t say that for sure. and the drawstring cords are nice and robust, the only downside here, being that it does add bulk when fitting them into a tightly packed game box (looking at you Trajan with the Meeple Realty insert!).


The Geeklist

None of the designs are mine. The aforementioned geeklist contains tons and tons of printed bag designs from users of the site organized by the game they’re meant to upgrade. Each entry typically has a link directly to an ArtsCow page that will allow you to order the appropriately-sized bag without issue.

As well as the games I purchased bags for, other notable designs I’m considering for the future include bags for Amerigo, Arcadia Quest, The Castles of Burgundy, Ginkgopolis, Terra Mystica, and Voluspa. But there are lots of options there, so check out the list and see what bags might suit your collection.

The Coupon

I’m sharing here my referral link for the same deal – 10 items for $20. The code is ZCRAYSALERXV6D and it will expire on 10/25/2016; just add your items to the cart, grimace at the expense, and then apply the code to see it magically turn into a $20 purchase. Using it gives me credit towards ArtsCow purchases, but I won’t be upset if you help out someone else by using one of the many codes shared on the geeklist by other BGG users. Just don’t forget, whether you use my code or someone else’s, please share what you end up getting.



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