TBGT Part 4: In Summary

Of the games I listed as wanting to play, I got all of the major ones to the table. The only one I didn’t get to learn was Drum Roll, which continues to be my convention white whale, and I also didn’t get to play Terra Mystica. I actually got offered a place in a TM game, but was headed for food at the time, and hunger came first. Since it’s a game I’ve played before and own, I’m not so sad to miss out on it.

My recaps of Wed/Thurs and the weekend detail what all I got played, but here’s a quick summary by the numbers along with some superlatives:

The Numbers

  • Games Played: 20
  • Unique Opponents: 19
  • Games Won: 7
  • Games Learned: 11
  • Games Taught: 3
  • Games Taken to the Event to Play: 21
  • Games Damaged: 1
  • Games Lost: 0
  • Games Taken to the Flea Market: 18
  • Games Sold: 5
  • Games Purchased: 5 (pictured below)

The Games

  • Best New-to-me Game: Legends of Andor, Endeavor, Nippon (3-way tie)
  • Worst New-to-Me Game: Lord of the Fries
  • Most Attractive Game: Legends of Andor, Mansions of Madness (tied result)
  • Ugliest Game: Terraforming Mars
  • Busiest Board: The Gallerist
  • Biggest Table Hog: War of the Roses: Lancaster vs. York

The People

  • Best Looking: Burke “the dilettante” Drew (second year running)
  • Best Teacher: Chris “dad” Mosley (what did we learn from what Burke just did?)
  • Best Possible Roomie: Jessica Wade
  • Best Game Contents Organizer: Eric Booth, Chris Puram (tied result)
  • Best Miniature Painter: Burke Drew
  • Most Aggravating Rebel: Chris Mitchell (a surprise twist given his award last year for Most Aggravating Imperial)
  • Worst Influence: Adam O’Brien


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