TBGT 2016 Part 3: The Weekend

After a long day at work Friday, I jumped in the car and sped for the gaming. Well actually I drove normally, but that’s a lot less dramatic of a beginning.

Upon my arrival, most people were either finishing up a game or making dinner plans, so I chatted for a bit before settling down to learn Murano with Matt, Linus, and Burke. I’d been interested about this one when I first heard of it, but then it kind of fizzled out and I never heard it mentioned again. As a result, I really had no idea what to expect from the game. In the end, I really enjoyed it – the giant shared action rondel was fun to play with, particularly when it came to actions with multiple spaces as I attempted to use the one that would everyone else’s turns more expensive. It was fun puzzling out what the others were up to, and I certainly wouldn’t turn down another game.

Next up, Adam and I got in a late game of Fields of Arle just so that I could have more than 1 game logged for the entire day. It’d been a while since we’d played, so we did spend a good amount of time staring at the board and each other as we attempted to recall how to play the game, but it was soon familiar again, and while I got stomped, I was at least closer to his score than in our prior game. After that, it was almost 3am and I had to be up for the Flea Market in the morning, so we said goodnight & headed to bed.

Saturday morning’s Flea Market was, at least for me, fueled entirely by coffee and not by sleep. I took 18 games to the event and sold 5 of them; given that I hadn’t priced them to fly off the table, I’m happy with that result. More importantly, I snapped up some good games to replace them with as I continue to improve the overall quality of my collection. After clearing off my table, I joined a quick game of Lord of the Fries to help sometime teach the games’ new owners how to play, before looking for some meatier gameplay.

After I watched the final turns of their game of Crazy Karts, I sat down with Jessica, Burke, and Matt to finally learn Battlestar Galactica. I’m not normally a fan of being a secret traitor, but the mechanics of BSG meant I felt comfortable being dealt a Cyclon card. Except then we realized, I’d set it up for the base game and hadn’t taken into account the changes to the Loyalty deck when playing with the expansion. Thus we had to had to redeal the Loyalty cards, & this time I wasn’t a toaster anyway. Ironically, when the additional Loyalty cards were dealt after a jump, I was revealed as a Sympathizer and due to our relative resource positions had to behave as a revealed Cylon without being able to activate the Cylon Fleet. I was able to do a decent job destroying their resources, turn to turn, and so, when Jessica revealed and joined me on the Cylon spaces, we were in solid shape. Poor Matt and Burke on the other side of the table were left to flounder as we destroyed their morale to win the game, despite their being just a jump away from the win. It was a blast and I’m so glad we got the game played.

After Battlestar, we knew there wasn’t a huge amount of time before the Saturday night festivities started, so we grabbed some shorter games. Why First? is always amusing, especially when there are new players at the table. Andrew snuck out the win, while I never managed to end in second place, leaving me at zero points for the whole game. After that, they settled down to Dricht Dran, while I joined Adam O and Chris Mitchell for Torres. I really enjoy this abstract, even if I have no hope of beating Chris when we play, and it was a nice thinky game before we stopped for a bit.

The Saturday night festivities were packed as usual, and as usual I didn’t win anything from the Play to Win or the door prizes. But it was a good chance to see everyone together, and at least Eric got called from our group to go receive a prize! Once the chaos was over, Chris Mitchell and I sat down for him to finally teach me Star Wars Rebellion. I played the Imperials, and in the last round knew where his base was, but just couldn’t get there. I can’t wait to play again, and to try things from the Rebel side, and hopefully next time, I’ll roll better!

Sunday is always a strange mix of emotions – saying farewells and packing up while trying to get as much last minute gaming in as possible. I only got two games played on the final day, but they were good ones, so I can’t complain. First up was Nippon with Matt, Jessica, and Adam O; none of us had played before, so I took on teaching from the rules. It meant I was distracted initially hoping I hadn’t screwed up the teach, but once we got going then I was better able to focus on playing the actual game. I really enjoyed it, and may have to get a copy – we hope to play again soon, so that none of us will have forgotten what we’re doing, so after a second try, I’ll make that decision.

The final game for me was The Gallerist. since getting my copy, I had attempted a solo game to get a feel for it, but had been anxiously awaiting the chance to play a game with others. Matt took teaching responsibility, and listening to him teach Adam O and Dan helped me cement the rules in my head. I LOVED the game, though I spent much of it convinced I was floundering. I was especially freaked, as I could see that Adam was getting a LOT more cash from his influence and so I was sure he was going to destroy me at the end. Luckily the piece I received in the final auction, helped me close that gap through my curator card, and so I won by just $3! I cannot wait to play again, and it was a great way to finish out my gaming for the con. After that, I packed up my car, hung around while a group finished up playing my Macao, said my farewells, and headed off into an extremely unwelcoming storm to make my way home to unpack.


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