TBGT 2016 Part 1: The Lists

My previous TBGT post focused on what the event is, and why I attend. This one is more about my preparations for the event, and my plans once I get there.

This Year’s Stack

I always try to take a selection of games that are either new or don’t get played enough. Of note however, the TBGT site has a database where attendees can mark what they’re bringing, so my initial list was adjusted to remove games that a bunch of others are planning to bring and to add a few games people had marked as wanting to play, but that weren’t being brought by anyone so far. This year, I’m packing up the following to take to the event:

  • Amerigo
  • Arboretum
  • The Capitols
  • The Gallerist
  • Grand Austria Hotel
  • My Village
  • The Networks
  • Notre Dame
  • Roll for the Galaxy + Ambition
  • Sanssouci
  • Seeland
  • Shakespeare
  • Star Wars Rebellion
  • Terra Mystica
  • Tajemnicze Domostwo
  • Via Nebula

My Must-Do Items

Every year, we end up playing a 6-player game of The Pillars of the Earth with the expansion, starting at midnight. It’s a tradition at this point, and I’d be extremely upset if it didn’t happen again. Pillars is a fantastic worker placement game, and it’s always fun when we can grab at least one new player and share the awesome.


I’ll be participating in the Flea Market again on Saturday. I’m hoping to get rid of some games that don’t ever get to the table, and maybe snag a deal or two on something new to try out. Last year was the first year I put items up for sale, and I was able to get a decent amount sold, so I’m hoping 2016 is the same. I might also be taking some games to sell on behalf of locals who won’t be at the event, so this year I will have to be a little more organized from a logistical standpoint.

Other Games I’m Hoping to Play

Mansions of Madness, Second Edition! A few weeks ago, Burke posted that he was  priming his copy for paint, so not only am I hoping he’ll teach me the game, but I may even get to play with some super-nice painted minis. I did just recently buy a copy at a deep discount, but I’d love to experience it with him at the con.

Battlestar Galactica is a game I’ve never played and despite a few tries, I haven’t quite managed to arrange a session. An event like TBGT is ideal for longer games, so hopefully I can get it played with a good group of players/toasters.

Other games I’d like to play during the event include:

  • Drum Roll
  • The Gallerist
  • Star Wars Rebellion
  • Terra Mystica
  • Terraforming Mars


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