September Comics – Update

So this month I’m attempting to get caught up on the huge backlog of comics I have sitting in my office. It was a slow start to the month, as I only managed to read a single series during the first week, just 4 measly issues of A-Force. As of yesterday morning that was still the extent of my progress, so over the weekend I made a concerted effort to at least get some more titles off of the list. Here’s a few thought on what I’ve read so far:

A-Force, volume 2

The first volume of A-Force took place during the Battleworld event, and while not all of the universes & worlds presented at that time were compelling, I really enjoying this team up of many of the greatest female heroes in Marvel’s current line-up. This second volume takes that team-up and places it in the regular timeline, with just one (occasionally two) characters having experiencing life under Doom in the Battleworld. I love the writing in this book, conversations flow beautifully and the conflicts shown between a number of very strong-willed characters are handled well. The current arc is part of the Civil War II event, which I haven’t really been following, but the characters and story are developed enough to keep me interested despite that.



Moon Girl & Devil Dinosaur

Lunella Lafayette continues to be one of my favourite new characters in comics. An incredibly intelligent 9-year old, she still acts like a kid enough to feel right and not like a de-aged adult character. Her impulsiveness and child-like emotions combine with her determination and brains as she attempts to avoid her worst fear – her own inhuman DNA. And then, when the worst happens and the Terrigen mist reaches her, nothing seems to happen, leaving her to puzzle out what actually happened while dealing with an obnoxious new schoolmate, the all-important Lego challenge, a new Kree foe, the Killer Crew,  and of course, keeping safe her new friend, the giant red dinosaur with which she keeps switching consciousnesses.


Black Widow, volume 7

Natasha Romanov provides the perfect excuse to explore noir-esque spy stories, particularly when her past starts showing up in the present. Her apparent double-crossing of S.H.I.E.L.D. to protect dangerous secrets from seeing the light is a little trope-y at this point, but the fantastically sketched out character of Agent Elder and the fact that she fails to protect said secrets, give this volumes arc a fresh feel. The latest issue revealed the true power behind the entire arc and led to a major shift in control, and I can’t wait to see what happens now as Natasha prepares to take on a new iteration of the Red Room controlled by old “friends”.


In addition to these three, I’ve also caught up with the following titles:

  • Mighty Thor
  • Sex Criminals

Images are from Retcon Punch (A-Force) or Comics Alliance (Moon Girl & Black Widow)


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