Collection Update – August 2016

I had wanted to avoid adding too much to my collection in August. Unfortunately I failed on that one. Here’s what changed this month:



  • The Gallerist – trade
  • Ghostbusters: Protect the Barrier – purchased from Amazon
  • Hocus with promo first-player token – purchased from Hyperbole Games
  • Im Jahr des Drachen (In the Year of the Dragon) – purchased on the BGG marketplace
  • Las Vegas – purchased from Amazon
  • Seeland – purchased from Amazon


  • Codenames organizer with promo card – purchased from The Broken Token
  • The Towers of Burgundy insert from Meeple Realty – prize from FeldCon
  • WDYPTW & GenCant shirts – purchased from Analog Gamer





  • Various printed drawstring bags – purchased from ArtsCow

herbaceous cards


Nothing. Plenty of games have been set aside to go, but as the TBGT flea market is next month, I’m planning to wait & try to sell them there.


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