August Game-a-Day Wrap-Up

So the month is over, and it’s time to see how I did overall…

Not too shabby. Those plays represent games played on 25 out of 31 possible days, which is definitely a major increase over my norm. All but one of the days I missed were due to being particularly exhausted due to travel, illness, or work; the one exception, was a day missed because I was attending a painting class at our local bar, and I can’t be upset about that. Especially not since that Kit and I created these masterpieces for our home combining an homage to Starry Night with Durham’s iconic Lucky Strike tower – can you guess who painted which canvas?

Take-aways From August

I prefer my solo games to have win/lose conditions rather than be attempts to beat a previous high score.

Having nearby neighbours with similar taste in games is a great way to avoid expensive game purchases … for a while. I may still purchase Argent: the Consortium, but at least I can put it off for a little bit knowing that there’s both a copy & a couple of willing players within a 10-min walk of my front door.

I need to play more of the games I already have & more often! There were multiple games I played that afterwards I was left wondering as to why I hadn’t played them more recently. And at least a couple of the games I pulled off my shelves, I was playing for the first time.

And finally, scheduling game days (or attending a random convention in Brooklyn) does wonders for one’s playcount.

Additional Stats

Most Played Game: Las Vegas & Deception: Murder in Hong Kong (tied at 3 plays of each)

Most Frequent Opponent: Kit – 12%

Most Frequent Gaming Location: Home – 44%


Best New Game Played: Argent: The Consortium

Best Previously-known Game Played: In the Year of the Dragon

Worst Game (for me) Played: A Fake Artist Goes to New York



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