Loot Crate – August Review

Ah, the subscription box. There’s a million of them out there, all promising a fun package in the mail to brighten your day with surprise goodies. They’re a luxury item for sure, an opportunity to open something that isn’t junk mail, and if you think they’re fun & have some disposable income to spare, then they can be worth it. I actually get two different subscription boxes every month: Loot Crate & ipsy. They’re totally unnecessary but they’re something I do “just for me.”

My latest Loot Crate just arrived, so let’s take a look at the Antihero box and see if August was a good month:

***WARNING: The post below contains nothing but spoilers for the August Loot Crate***

The Shirt & Pin

Every Loot Crate includes a shirt and a pin that links to some thematically appropriate DLC. This month’s shirt featured Sterling Archer apparently running for president of the Danger Zone. It’s pretty sweet, and in fact my husband attempted to steal it the minute I pulled it out. I really like the cut of my Loot Crate shirts, they aren’t boxy and the fabric tends to be nice and soft, so this one’s definitely a winner.

As for the pin, this month it featured Slyvanna Windrunner from WoW, with the associated digital content being a download of WoW plus all 6 current expansions along with 30 days of gametime … which is rather dangerous given the amount of time I used to spend in Azeroth. The pin is awesome and will look great on my gamebag. We’ll see if I risk re-downloading WoW…

The Rest

The next thing I pulled out of this crate was a Harley Quinn figure featuring one of her more classic looks along with one of her beloved hyenas. It’s pretty adorable and, while I’m not a huge DC fan, I have been thoroughly enjoying the DC Bombshells so I’m pretty happy to add a Harley figure to my comics-related decor. I actually already have a Bombshell Wonder Woman in my game room’s display cabinet, so I’ll be putting Harley right beside her.

Next up was another comics-related item, a ceramic bank modeled after Hellboy’s famous Right Hand of Doom. It’s pretty nice looking in person and has a decent heft to it. I’m a fan of the movie and have been wanting to grab some of the comics, but keep putting it off until “I get caught up on what I have.” I’ll be putting this bank on my desk as motivation to get some reading in so that I can finally delve into the escapades of Mike Mignola’s anti-hero.

The last piece of loot to emerge from August’s crate was the only item to relate to a property I’m not bothered about, Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill. Included in the crate were a pair of socks designed to evoke The Bride’s blood-spattered costuming. I’m a little meh on this item, but I’m old enough to be perfectly content with a pair of comfy socks, so they’ll be going into the drawer just the same.

Was it Worth It?

So there it is folks. Almost everything in the crate was extremely welcome, and the only item that could come close to being disappointing was still something I’ll find useful. The reason I get Loot Crate is for a pleasant surprise each month with the potential for something cool, and I’d say this month exceeded that expectation and so, I’m happy I got it. Plus the shipping box transformed into a Harley-esque hammer, and who wouldn’t want that?


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