Excuses, Excuses – August 2016 Game-a-Day Update

After doing so well at the beginning, I’ve let myself slide and missed some days. So far I have 4 days without any games played out of 20, as recorded on the master-list here.


I found it really easy to slip into lazy mode and find excuses not to play anything, if i didn’t have anyone to play with. Having to pack for FeldCon started it off, and then it became “I don’t feel well” or “I’m too run down.” Especially when as an alternative I could just curl up with a controller and explore more of No Man’s Sky. But I’ve set myself this challenge, so I need to do better!


I’ve covered the games I played over the FeldCon weekend here so I don’t need to add any more to that here.

Argent: The Consortium

I’ve gotten in two plays of this amazing worker-placement game this month thanks to the Ashtons. Players take on the role of faculty members at a magical academy who’ve just learned that the current head of the school will be retiring suddenly in just a few days. They must therefore figure out what the unknown voting committee (the titular Consortium) members want in a replacement, in order to gain the most votes when the position is filled. What this means, is that you spend your turn sending out your mages to help you gain influence and boost various attributes that the voters might be looking for, while also trying to learn who the Consortium members actually are. The huge number of potential rooms and voting criteria and spells that can be in play mean that each game played very differently, and required a good amount of flexibility in terms of strategy. The game is also beautiful, with really nice components, though we did replace the plastic coins with metal ones for our play sessions. The only thing stopping me from running out and buying a copy NOW is that I can always just head down the road to the Ashtons for a game, as they’re enjoying it just as much as I am.

Walnut Grove

I played a quick (amazingly quick) solo game of Walnut Grove last night while Kit was making dinner. I picked it up super cheap at the Mayfair booth at Origins this year, and was pleasantly surprised. The solo game has a minimum score to win which I like, even if I missed it by a single freaking point, and gives an idea of what score would be considered suitable for a more experienced player. I really enjoyed the variety of mechanisms at play, from tile-placement in the Spring to the worker-placement rondel used to visit town in the Fall. I’d like to see how it plays against an opponent, as that would add jostling for town spots and available upgrades, but I thoroughly enjoyed it solo, and will likely pull it out again.


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