August 2016 Game-a-Day Update

So I’m now just over a week into the month, and so far, I haven’t missed a day of gaming yet. It hasn’t gone exactly as planned, but at least I’m getting games on the table. Here are a few thoughts on the month’s gaming so far. (For the list of games played so far, see here)

Solo Gaming: so far I’ve played solo games of Siggil & Fidelitas in order to avoid missing a day. The two are quite different in terms of how they approach the solo experience. Siggil has a clear win/lose result, while Fidelitas is simply playing for a high score. I’ve realized that I greatly prefer the former when playing solo. When a solo game does involve trying to reach a high score, I at least want some sort of category to fit my score into; since Fidelitas didn’t give any kind of context for my score, I can’t tell how well I did without either playing more or finding someone else who’s played solo in order to compare.

New Games: I’ve gotten a couple of newer games played so far. Tyrants of the Underdark from WotC is an interesting blend of deck-building and area-control. Having to jostle for majorities in the various towns of the Underdark prevents this deck-builder from becoming solitaire-ish, and the variety offered by the initial choice of decks to play with adds spice. We actually played this one twice in a row at the game store, and I was happy to dedicate a night’s gaming to this one title. The other newer game I’ve played is Via Nebula. I’d already played this impulse buy once at four players, but I was happy to get it to the table tonight and see how it played with two. It’s gorgeously produced and quick to get done, yet I don’t feel like it’s over before things get going. I like the race to build from the common tableau before someone snatches your building, and the hiccups that get put in front of you during that race by the need to build routes through tricky terrain add some nice tension. I do think I preferred the large player count, but that may change given another two-player session; it’s just that close for me.

“Old” Favourites: I’ve also gotten a few games played that hadn’t hit the table in a while. Kit suggested pulling out Risk: Star Wars, and halfway through our play, I couldn’t help but wonder why we hadn’t played more recently. I really enjoy this back-and-forth tussle for supremacy, and the stand-up die rolls can’t be beat for excitement. I haven’t gotten my copy of Rebellion to the table, but for now, I’m happy to pull out Risk instead (a sentence I never thought I’d type). We also got in a game of Wurfel Bohnanza the other day. This dice-rolling, bean-planting small box game remains one of our beloved favourites and I still enjoy introducing it to others. It has some flaws in production (hard to distinguish dice colours and super-questionable stereotypes) but I don’t see us tiring of it anytime soon.

It’s been a solid month so far, especially since I worked 5 of the first 8 days with most of those being 12-hour shifts. I’m playing Argent the Consortium tomorrow, so the future definitely looks good from here.


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