GDoNC Meeting

Luckily for me, the Game Designers of North Carolina have started holding some of their meetings on my side of town at the Atomic Empire, & so, I decided to attend their August 4th meeting. It’s been a while since I’d been to one, and many of the group were at Gen Con, so I wasn’t sure what to expect.

After chatting with Daniel for a bit, we got down to playing prototypes after Matt E and Graham arrived. First to hit the table was the latest iteration of A La Kart, Daniels pun-filled racing game. When I last played the game it was a basic test of concept, this time around we had unique player and kart identities along with associated powers to activate. The game has a lot of potential and every time I play it’s better. Some tweaking to the track layout and to the candy distribution should have it singing.

Next we played a three-player variant of Graham’s The Fittest. He’s developing an AI player to allow for a lower player count and wanted to test putting “Trey” into the competition. Unfortunately for Graham, I think we played too nice and cooperatively for him to get valuable data from the test.

Finally, with the addition of Drew and the loss of Matt who needed to eat, we played a quick game of Junk Orbit, Daniel’s reworking of Penny Farthing Catapult. The figure-eight layout led to some interesting decisions and I’m a fan of the Circus Flohcati type scoring he uses in this one. I just wish it went longer.

Overall it was a good way to spend the evening even if there were only a few of us in attendance. I really need to get to more GDoNC meetings now that they’ve added a closer setting to the rotation.


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